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    Whatever I read these days the word virus seems to be omnipresent. At the same time, if you care to understand what is at stake truly, you will find out that ignorance might be the biggest plague of modern times and is directly responsible for the majority of the world conflicts we keep seeing.

    It would be best if you learned to disconnect from your beliefs to reconnect with a broader and more informed perspective. To achieve this sense of awareness, usually, a trip makes things easier. Novelty is balsam to our brains and pretty effective medicine to clear our mental fog.     

    When I look back on my life, I noticed an interesting pattern. Most of my cycles finish and begin having in between a journey. Days that remind me that it is never too late to amaze yourself as if you were a little kid. Allowing you to continually opening your mind and your heart. 

    Some years ago, I was at the door of one of the most incredible places on earth, Zion National Park in Utah (you can watch an amazing video here).

    Zion Park

    I was blessed not only with incredible views, sounds but also with what I believe to be some

    “Life-changing pocket philosophy,” which I humbly share. 

    Fact 1 – When I arrived at the visitor center, I was offered a map with information. After a few minutes, I understood that one day would not be enough to hike all the available trails, meaning that I needed to choose.
    Tip – Replace your arrival at the park with the moment you are born.

    Fact 2 – Without regret, I chose a trail and started walking. If the route seemed too dull or too challenging, I changed the course. It is never too late to adjust the initial plan. You might not be able to walk the full distance, but whatever you do, take pictures :), talk to strangers and stop to appreciate the beauty of the way.
    Tip – Replace the word trail with your professional life.

    Fact 3 – Move with confidence to make sure your feet are grounded and deeply connected to the path. But don’t go too fast. If you think about where is the finish line in our life journey, I am sure you will make wiser decisions.
    Tip – Replace the word feet with your everyday life.

    Fact 4 – If you see a river or a stream, stop, and observe. When the water finds a big stone on the way, it doesn’t block (for long) or try to destroy it but instead finds a way around and keeps moving forward.
    Tip – Replace the word stone with problems or challenges in our life.

    Remember, the road to any destination starts inside each one of us because everything and everyone is connected. Maybe it sounds a bit too ambitious, but what the heck, you deserve it!  

    In case you need a little support to kick start the process, look at our website, and you will find a program that fits your need for reconnecting. Either focusing on your Purpose Review, making time to be OfflineTake your kids on an unrepeatable journey, or spend exceptional time with your team. Until then,

    Stay healthy, and keep walking with me,            
                  João Perre Viana
    Founder of Walking Mentorship

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