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    Some time ago, I made a significant decision in my life. If I had a call or meeting to do that did not involve manipulating documents on a screen, I would do it while walking.

    Sounds simple? It is!

    Since a very young age, I struggle, to say the least, to be seated for endless hours in school chairs and later in ongoing business presentations. After a few hours, I feel that my brain evades my head and retreats down to my feet. Consequently, I lose focus, and my concentration diminishes to levels that sooner or later take a toll on my overall health.

    Did you ever felt the same way? Probably you did.

    Why do you continue to do so? Most likely, you never consider that you could do it differently. But you can, and you should.

    We now know the tremendous benefits in our brain, muscles and wellbeing when we walk in direct contact in nature, so why don’t we do it more often? 

    What was unlikely to be possible less than a decade ago is now one of the easiest things to do. Our mobile phones have an incredible quality of sound and image. Almost all the communication platforms perform greatly on any device, and finally, the network coverage is virtually omnipresent with high bandwidth.

    Why don’t you walk more often during the day, especially when you face so many dreadful meetings?

    During the last year, we heard so many specialists talk about a new normal and the need to reinvent the way we work.

    I am not a specialist on anything, but I can assure you that since I changed my mindset, set of beliefs, and behaviours, many other things changed naturally, step by step. Let me give you some examples:

    a) I was diagnosed with chronic hypertension and prescribed a pill a day to keep it under control. After reading about alternatives, walking came to the top of my list. Five years later, I can tell you that I never took a single pill, and in every year check-up, my blood pressure was never an issue again.

    b) Like many of you, I have tried several times to keep myself fit, joining a gym, attending fitness classes and even work with a personal trainer. I am sure it works for a lot of people, but not for me. When I switch to have a “walking” office, I noticed that my daily distances increase from an average of 5-6km per day to 12-15km. Consequently, I burn around 500+ calories on daily walks, which I honestly never did at the gym. On top of everything, my body and heart regularly work out every day, which is the most important thing to stay fit and healthy no matter your age. 

    c) The most significant impact in my life came nevertheless at the intellectual level. When I walk and talk with someone, I am much more attentive and tuned to what is being said. If I am anxious or stressed about something, it slowly vanishes under my feet. The quality of my interventions and inputs increase, I have more clarity because I am benefiting from all the neurotransmitters produced inside my brain. Eliminate the distractions, and you will be more present in everything you do.

    d) For more than three years, I also switched my university classes to a walking format. I can tell you everything became much more straightforward and natural with my students, even if we have to do it virtually, with each one walking in their own country. Curiously or not, the feedback is very positive. Some participants mentioned that after the program, they started walking every day because they understood the benefits of doing it regularly.  

    e) Finally, I want to tell you that I am not aware of any other activity that can level up our differences in such a natural way, such as walking. No one feels more important them others, no matter your race, ethnicity or bank account. When you walk, you feel the same under your feet and in your muscles. It is liberating in a world that seems to be so divided.

    So, why don’t you walk more often?


    Our next guest on the podcast – Keep Walking With Me – is Miriam Lopez. 
    Miriam created clickamino, an amazing project that mixes Playmobil and Emotional education. You can check it here. She is a wonderful human being with an extraordinary story to share.  Great insights wrapped with beautiful music.
    You can hear the full podcast here or watch the video on our youtube channel.


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                Keep walking with me,      
                    João Perre Viana 
           Partner of Walking Mentorship

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