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    On a more positive note

    The world we live in seems broken in many aspects. Division, polarization and lack of hope have become the main “dish” in almost every platform, news or regular conversation. It is impossible to ignore and close our ears and eyes. Having an opinion feels, at times, like sitting inside a trench, a terrible place to be. What can I do? Where should I start? Let me give it a try on a more positive note.

    We are entering December, and the curtain of 2022 is about to close on us. It is also the time of the year when it makes sense to look back and ask yourself, how was it? What was initially planned, what was achieved, and what did I miss? More importantly, why did it happen in such a way? And what are the lessons learned?

    So, what happened to you, and what did you learn in 2022? Have you thought about it?
    I did, and, I would like to share something with you.

    Usually, I use a set of tools to help me with this exercise, and after reading this, you might want to do the same. I looked at the pictures of the previous twelve months, read notes I wrote to myself, looked at messages exchanged on my phone, and also revised my agenda.

    What did I find, and what did I learn?

    Write more

    When you experience something important in life, you should write about it and make notes to yourself. Your words will help you crystalize those ideas and emotions, increasing the probability that you will never forget them and when you need you can always reactivate those feelings or thoughts. In 2022 I wrote a few letters to myself, and when I read them this week, I could not avoid feeling the positivity and clarity in those thoughts. It felt like fresh air. Remember to write more in 2023.

    Make it count

    You will not live this moment the same way ever again. Every step, every laugh, every tear, and every sleep is an opportunity to make it count. Place your very best version in every moment, naturally and by default. To make it count, it only depends on you. This year I had situations where I had doubts about doing certain things, saying certain words or keeping silent. Fortunately, I ended up asking the opinion to my purpose in life, and the answer was always clear. Make it count!

    Keep planning

    A clear action plan to help you navigate your year is fundamental to keeping actions and purpose aligned. Things will evolve and change (think about 2022, right?), but don’t worry. Make sure you have your plan to start 2023, and after, enjoy the ride. The plan is the white canvas for true life to unfold, just make sure you are flexible and open to finding alternatives to keep moving forward.

    Learn with nature

    This year, I was fortunate to spend many days and weeks immersed in nature. I observed mountains and valleys, oceans and lakes, roads, paths and trails, and one idea kept coming back to my mind – Love as the trees grow and the road begins—upwards and forward, infinitely optimistic. Focus your eyes and set your head to the sky, always aspiring for more, growing and developing, but keeping your feet and roots in the ground. Go back to school, go back to nature.

    Loved ones

    Unfortunately, 2022 was also a year where we saw close ones departing to the following stage of life. Recently while mourning, the father of a good friend, one thought got glued to my heart – Take care of your loved ones, especially those with more round trips around the sun. It is our full responsibility to keep our ancestors alive throughout our memory. Their wisdom is not available forever, and we will need it one day to share it with others, and one day they will do the same with our memory.

    Tune in

    More and more people talk about how difficult it is to be present in the moment. Maybe we need a different “technology” to be truly alive. Think beyond what your eyes can see, read with your heart, feel with your skin and touch with your soul. Give it a try, and you will see how you will feel every moment more deeply and in parallel observe time stretching in front of you.

    Note to self

    I understood that I need to smoke my pipe more often. It is important to relax and celebrate moments of happiness and my pipe club membership is just perfect for the occasion.

    So, what happened to you, and what did you learn in 2022? Have you thought about it?

    Such practice is a very old habit I have developed since my youth, and curiously many years later, it became the seed of one of my favourite Walking Mentorship programs, the Year-end. This year like always, it will happen between the 26-29 of December, and maybe this time we will walk together.

    For everything else, smile and repeat with me,
    On a more positive note…


    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover is a collage of some of the highlights of the year. I am deeply grateful because I realize that I could use a lot more space to “paint” my year. Maybe you want to try the same exercise?


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