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    When we accept fear as our sole traveling companion, we learn to share the hope of arrival, the only map of our existence. Fear is no longer fear, and it becomes the walking stick that helps us to overcome the daily mountains—peak after peak.

    What do I see from where I stand today? Is it foggy? Terrifying? Unbearable at times? Or it starts to clear up and somehow to show what we have ahead of us?

    Little by little, my emotions are encircled by reality. The need for structure becomes stronger, and my feet claim to move forward.

    For me, it feels a bit like a long walk. Even though the journey is challenging, I begin to notice some “trail signs.” They appear often and are becoming more visible. What are they?

    Slowly, like my movements through the fields, I felt the need to uncover a word to help me on my quest for meaning and thinking trough. Brought by the wind or by God, the expression took shape and became transparent. 


    The process of extracting or removing something from a substance, making it clean, is called purification. And this is the way I see the times we are living.

    Our views of the world, geopolitics, family, friends, and relationships are being put under the microscope. But also the economy, neighbors, and all the little forgotten pleasures are being reconsidered. 

    The media, the movies, and the food will continue to give some sources of distraction, but our heart longs for something different. And as the days, weeks, and months advance, we face fewer options, which help us to focus on what is essential. 

    As the hour’s progress, the “trail sign” keeps informing me that we are getting closer and closer to a crossroads—a meeting point between the reason to keep going and the need to carry on breathing. 

    Don’t be afraid. Fear is no longer fear, is a friend. The exercise of purifying our lives clears the way, removes the dirt, and let us be us, fully, complete. 

    With so much being said, consistently, make sure the voice you pay more attention is inside of you. Usually, it is easier to hear when you make silence. Step by step, the road opens up, not necessarily in front of your eyes, but undoubtedly inside your heart.  

    Let me tell you a story.

    Last week, life brought the anniversary of my youngest son, Michael. Without being able to gather friends and family, the long-awaited event seemed to be sentenced to failing.

    But fear is no longer fear, Remember? It becomes the walking stick that helps us to overcome the daily mountains—peak after peak.

    In a little more than a week, we sent a call for help to friends and family. In a few days, we received the living proof that the best presents in life cannot be bought; they have to be experienced. 

    We were armed with a great song and images from the last eleven years. We combined more than thirty videos. The result was probably one of the best anniversary celebrations I ever saw. 

    Michael watching the online party his friends and family prepared

    The computer screen turned into a window to see the world. Video after video, the shades became wide open, and all the love sent entered our house, purifying the meaning of life. What did I learn?

    We can’t change how things are, but we can change how we will approach today and tomorrow and the day after.

    And yes, an attitude can spread. Begin with us, and you will never know the endless ripples you can “create” to others. 

    Until the day our feet can freely walk with the Earth, 
                     Keep walking with me,
                          João Perre Viana 
            Founder of Walking Mentorship

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