Vitor - Signature Program

When I think about this week, I feel very emotional. The experience was as real as my tears of happiness. I understand that this was an immersion into happiness. I don’t know why. I can’t explain, and maybe it doesn’t need an explanation. It was extraordinary what happened this week. It’s unbelievable. All this nature, the connections. All this brings me back to my childhood. That’s the main thing. It’s happiness and tears of joy. Thank you for holding the space.

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José - Group Program

Nuno and Joao, thank you very much for the experience you gave me. By all accounts, it was astounding. It was amazing externally and internally. In the end, the focus question I asked on the first day turned out to be understood. Understood and answered, partially, because the answer comes with action. But, for you to have an idea, when I joined the program, I already had a set of issues that worried me and for which I had some clues, but the feeling, after leaving the program is very positive.

It’s the feeling that a person walking through tall grass has when, as he passes the survival kit, he takes himself above the grass, and you start to have a macro view. And that gives very good things. Deep down, I started to have a map of myself, but the most interesting thing is that it wasn’t just made of me. It was made of me and the mirror representing the people in the group and those outside the group in our relationships. It also helped me see my strengths and recognize them as levers that I will use and develop and to be aware of my weaknesses as something that I can manipulate and transform.

Many things happened, and that created an idea of various times here. There was group time. There was your internal time. In either case, the vision we all had that two days have passed, but it feels like a week has passed, is extraordinary. Coming to the end of the program, I can take a step forward on a new path. And the first highlight I had was, “hey, I got to the end of this day, and I feel so good with everyone”. Plus, one thing is that I feel so good with everyone, and now I feel so much better with myself. It was something I didn’t say at the time, it’s not that I felt bad about myself, but I see now that when you’re lucid and aware of a series of things, well, words are worth more, aren’t they? And I think I remember now the sound of the music “take a walk on the wild side”.

Leaving here with something that will impact my future if I want it and then have the strength and discipline to make it happen with the Action Plan. I hope so, and I hope this is also good for you. I don’t know how it could have been better. Thank you one more time.

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Petra - Group Program

Dear mentors, I enjoyed the beautiful walk with you together the whole week on the side of the ocean. So much beauty, so many positive thoughts, and so much helpful talks. Fresh air and wet hair in fantastic baths and a delicious lunch at a beautiful beach with sunshine most of the time. Finally, the heavy rains came swimming feet in the final sprint together with a feeling of a happy end.

Thank you so much for an incredible, beautiful week full of emotions. It was a very good time, and maybe it’s the best time of my life because I will change something in my life, and I see that I can change my life. Thank you very much for a wonderful time. See you.

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Sérgio - Signature Program

I’m going to thank you, João, because you have to know that you are a fantastic person. You worked a lot on yourself, and you worked for others too. And as you said, the others also give you that back. And that, perhaps, is one of the ways that we are, I think, quite similar. You made me see things to which I already have the answer, but I have to work on it. I need to open those answers. And that’s it.

It was a pretty intense week. Thanks for making an effort for me. There are many more good things here. Review the past, our qualities, and what people see in us. And the truth is that we need it. I had already realized it, but more and more and with your help, I realized the importance of taking a little time for things, for the company, for the family and for other simple things. I am proud of my part of what I am and what I believe to be too.

I still have a lot to learn because this is only a week. And obviously, this is now and here. The after has to come true. There are many things that I’m going to remember. Apart from that, what I have to take into account is the importance that I was already aware of but wasn’t working on it, that I was in work mode every day is the importance of my daughter, of my wife and my family in general.

I’ve already shared with you the feeling of losing myself in time, which didn’t happen in a long time. And time is always present. I found it very relevant because I haven’t been asked this question since I was 13 years old. I enjoy the gift of life and am grateful every day for what I have and realize what I have. And, indeed, we always want more. But not everything that is just material is essential. This week also allowed me to be much more serene. I must always remain calm in situations. Now I need to work on this so that, in general, people see this quality in me.

And maybe later, I have spent a little more time on some situations. But I’m feeling in a zen situation, and everything has come back to me, and I’m really looking forward to transmitting this to other people around me. I feel like transmitting my energy. I feel like sharing what I went through. I’m willing to help others with small things, which we saw this week that can become significantly important in a person’s life. There are so many people who are unhappy with what they’re doing, that I see myself being a little bit of a mentor in a way to spread the good word.

I’m in the mood to be as clear as possible on my company goals as well. I am clear about the objectives that I want to do, and where I want to go, in order to be able to give my organization wings. And also to give time to my life in relation to work to be able to harmonize my total objectives. As you say, it is better to do less but do it very well, instead of doing many things in a not very good way.

I understood that I have answered my focus question, which was my most important objective. I was able to define objectives, and now I am ready to delegate tasks because if you don’t have time, it’s the same as if you don’t have money, you can’t do some things.

I am ready. I have become a big fan of the Walking Mentorship, and you’re just doing it right. You’re on the right track. You have to keep it up. You have to give people wings to move forward, and I am very grateful to you. For everything we’ve been through so far. Thank you.

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Helga - Group Program

My highlights of the week were the first one was the first day. I was so, so tired. And, yes, we started the program, and you surprised me with the walk on the first day. And yes, the highlight was going to bed because it was such an exhausting day.

And I thought, what the hell I’m doing here? So I slept immediately. And it was a bunk bed. And I will never forget this bed. On the second day, I had three highlights.

It was a perfect day. First of all, I walked on the beach, on the sunny beach. I like to walk barefoot on the beach. I don’t know. And I will not forget this experience.

Yes. After that, I followed Brian. I followed Brian. He did a video at the ocean asking for feedback. And I did the same.

I didn’t use this video, but it was gorgeous. And today, my third feedback was that I received feedback from a friend without asking. And I told her, you know it, she did it. And I received terrific feedback. And you can’t believe today it happened the second time.

Another friend of mine asked me today if I was already on the last day of your walk, and I didn’t ask her for feedback. And so I did it today. And I sent her the video, and she gave me feedback on my strengths and weaknesses and how emotional she saw I was in that video. So also, I will remember the situation at the beach because it’s what was beautiful.

And there is another highlight on the last day when you left us. And yes, we are autonomous. So you helped us look at our life and, yes, to take responsibility. And, yes, we can now go without you. And I can say thank you.

And thank you for all. I really enjoy your walking mentorship. I did it the third time, and I am happy and happier with every program I do.

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Brian - Group Program

My name is Brian. I’m from Pennsylvania, USA, and I’m just finishing up a week’s trip with walking mentorship in Portugal. And I can say from the smile on my face I’ve found a beautiful country here, but also some beautiful people in my group and a little bit more of myself, which has been a really great part of the trip. I have to say I was a little anxious, kind of coming in and not knowing exactly what to expect and not knowing the full process.

But literally the first day, my heart was set at ease. The process was really good as far as just slowing down, taking time to really reflect and think about where you’ve come from and where you want to go. It was a really great program. I’m super psyched to go back to my regular life and kind of integrate some of the thoughts that I’ve had, my action plan, and really take that continued step that this program doesn’t end when you leave after a week or whatever the length that the typical program would be for whatever you’re looking at, but definitely was an awesome time. Highly recommend.

The mentors that I had were top-notch. The trip went off without a hitch, except for maybe the weather one day, but they couldn’t control that either. And the facilities were really great. I was a little bit impressed with some of them and others ones. I mean, there was none that didn’t feel good and comfortable and safe. So it was really, really a great trip all in all.

And I’m taking so much more away than just photos on my iPhone. Anyway, yeah, thanks very much and peace in love.

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Neve - Corporate Program

My name is Neve Kyohan, and I walked with Walking Mentorship and one of their programs earlier this year. I took so many things away from that program. First of all, I was very positive or pleasantly surprised at how my mind opened up when I was out in nature walking. I know it sounds basic, but it’s something I didn’t really understand that much, especially when you’re being asked the right questions and given the right support.

From the very first day when I was asked to draw a picture, I think it was I was even surprised at what I was drawing. So, yeah, being in nature really allowed me to step away from the environment that I’m used to sitting in the office and the questions that were asked and the worksheet that we were given really made me think differently. Also, another benefit of the program was speaking to people that didn’t know me and that I didn’t know who were able to give me some fresh perspective during some of the conversations we had. I got to speak to people that could see things differently from a different point of view and can see things in my life that maybe they had experienced as well and were able to give me some advice and feedback and hopefully I did the same for them. I did get closer to my Focus Question.

I did find my Focus Question and it’s something that I have kept in mind ever since then and it’s something I’m working on on a daily basis. It’s quite refreshing, actually, to have this focused question because everything you do comes back to that. So I’m so grateful that I was able to get that from the program and it’s definitely helped me along the way ever since. I suppose the lasting impression is what I kind of started out and is how nature is so important for our minds and our bodies and for just any issues I have or anything that I need to think about. Now I go outside for a walk and I walk it out and yeah, I think, like I said, it’s a very basic thing in nature.

Well, not basic, but it’s there. But I think it really opened my eyes to how important being in nature is and I’m so, so grateful to join the team for that. Thank you so much for a wonderful program, a wonderful experience, and I will definitely do one. Again, I don’t think it’s a one off thing in life. I think it’s something that needs continuous refreshing and continuous visits as we continue you to grow and evolve.

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience.

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Marcia - Group Program

First, I’ll start by thanking you, João and you, Nuno, for this incredible trip. I also want to highlight your generosity, your time and your dedication to each one of the group and mine in particular. It was an incredible experience, and if life doesn’t attract me to sweat, that is, if my memory stays with me, these were days that I will certainly visit throughout my life. The good experiences, those that fill our hearts, no one can erase them. I waited 30 years to walk this path. I’ll need another 30 to digest and process them. My deepest gratitude to both of you. Now that I have arrived, there is a Camino de Santiago that begins. Today, inside. Thank you for everything.

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Andrew - Signature Program

I came to the program with a question about how to get rid of stress in my life and realize my high potential. And the answers were quite surprising because I understood I was too fast. I need to stop and appreciate what I have created and already have. And the main conclusion is that I had already arrived where I wanted to. I am already there.

Now it is the question of how I take care of what I already built and how to take about the pillars of my life. I also understood I don’t have to go wide with unfiltered people and projects, but I have to go deep.

And now, the critical question is, what is my purpose? And the purpose is to inspire creativity because I want to improve our imperfect Universe.

With the right principles and with the right systems, you can manage to do almost anything. Anything is possible for those who do not complain but create, who accept the challenge to build, create, change, grow and enjoy life. Because life is a creative act, and it’s unbelievable what we have if we choose freedom and not fear and we are open to ourselves and do not betray our real nature.

This is as simple as that. The Universe gives you an ocean of opportunities, and you have to relax, and accept your role as a co-creator and enjoy this creative journey. Thank you for such an incredible week.

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Tatiana - Group Program

What did I take home from Walking mentorship?

Well, first of all, physically, I took my survival kit, which has been very helpful, and I sometimes come back to it. And it’s wonderful to see and track the progress from what I started with and what I wrote in it and connect it to what I’m doing today. So that’s been really helpful to have a written document, an artefact that I can hold on to and check my progress against.

In other terms, what I took home after the program is definitely a better understanding of where I want to get to and also, most importantly, what do I need to get there. And this understanding on its own is very valuable. So whatever I do now, I have this filter and I can ask myself questions whether the action I’m going to take isn’t getting myself closer to where I want to get or not. So that is a very helpful tool to have.

The impact that I saw on myself after Return is definitely more awareness. I would even say I became more attentive to myself and that really improved my relationships with others. So it’s that connection that I established first with myself and that enabled connecting with others in a more meaningful way. So here I’ve said it. So by noticing small things about myself and paying attention, I realized and it changed the way I related to others.

Did you get closer to answering your Focus Question? Well, yes, absolutely. First of all, I clarified the Focus Question, which on its own is a very useful thing to do. And I have got closer and it makes me think that I got quite a bit closer now, considering we walked together in April and we’re in November. So having the Action plan has really worked for me, even though I didn’t have to reread it.

But I kind of feel I have it in my head. So the answer is yes. Basically yes, I got closer to my Focus Question, but it’s such a big one that I think it’s a question that will haunt me for the rest of my life.

After Return, what will last longer is the understanding that you can really put theory into practice and that you never walk alone. There is always someone walking in front of you and behind you. And the second most important learning is that even if all you can do today is take one step, it doesn’t matter whether you take one step or 100 steps, as long as you know where you’re going. So you really can make progress at your own pace, in your own time. And as long as you know where you’re heading, you’re okay.

And the last, but not the least that will last longer after my return is the love of walking. So now I love walking so much that I always just feel like going for a walk. So, in a nutshell, I think the program really works.

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Mary - Group Program

Well, I needed something like this. It was a perfect end to the year and an opportunity to clear my head and get this experience in this beautiful country and setting. And what you’re doing is really how do you say, changing the mindset, helping move forward and clear your mind. It is definitely a good timing for something like this. Reevaluate and look ahead and try to be positive in this case. So there’s been a lot of things, maybe, that came to my head during this whole week.

It’s very nice that it’s very simple. It’s not complicated. I’ve done all sorts of different programs with meditations or some going deeper and stuff. But you don’t need to go really deep to be seeing what’s really important. So thank you very much for that. And I’m honestly really happy.

I found myself brainstorming. How do you make it work? I think any businessman or manager or entrepreneur, they would definitely benefit from something like this. And this is like a global trend. With the hiking, I think, especially with the corporate world. If you slow down to clear your head because we’re in such fast paced environment. And I find that in order to grow personally, business wise, any kind of growth, you do need to kind of take a side step and see the whole picture regularly. I feel like the balloon has just been freed out of air. Thank you.

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