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    Last week I walked in a land of legends and horizons. One day we set up before dawn. The air was chilly and crisp, and the sounds seemed amplified by the silence of the pre-dawn.
    As we walked the gravel road towards the rising sun, a thought kept arising in my mind – what a luxury! What a marvellous luxury to take time for myself. My Self. Think about it – can there be anything more important?
    Even if you see your life as a service to others, how can you be of use to others if you are exhausted, empty, dry? How can a fountain give water if it isn’t fed?

    And aren’t you worth your time? For yourself?

    I kept walking as the sun dawned, and its beautiful light blinded me on the horizon. What an interesting feeling – beauty that blinds, light that stops you from seeing.
    As I walked, I felt under my feet the rumble of the herd of cattle moving to greener pastures in the land of the magnificent bull. I could not see them but felt them very close. Very real.
    We stopped for a rest and a bite on a hillock, gazing at the rising sun.
    As I ate some dried apricots and felt the sweet, tangy flavour, I could feel the sun warming me. My legs enjoyed the rest, almost as much as they enjoyed the walk. My body relaxed and my mind at ease.

    No hurry. No worry. Follow the rhythms of nature and allow yourself to be. Present. Feeling. Listening to your thoughts. No hurry. No worry.

    Some walking after we stopped for lunch. The place couldn’t be simpler – a local coffee shop that doubles as a grocery store, restaurant, bar, disco and anything else that the imagination can encompass – as long as it is on the most basic of means.

    I asked the owner what we could eat, and his answer was “Lo que quieras” – What you want. Just like that, and I believed him. We had the most amazing fried eggs with vinegar and paprika – and don’t judge till you try them. We had fresh bread with the best butter I ever tried, delicious orange juice and coffee. I asked for a “bocadilo de lomo e queso” – loin and cheese sandwich that was a feast.

    Here is the living proof of the best butter ever tried

    I felt truly good. Happy. At peace.

    As I walked this simple land, again, I marvelled at the luxury of this all.
    Had I taken a private jet to the nearest airport and driven a luxury car to the best restaurant, it wouldn’t have tasted this good. No Michelin stars could beat the sun on that simple earthen terrace. Had I gone to the best hotel, my body wouldn’t have enjoyed a better rest than in the simple Albergue we had slept in. And nothing in the world could have been better than taking the time for myself.

    This is truly the ultimate luxury, and it is available to us all – you need only to decide to take the time for yourself.
    If you want to enjoy our extraordinary journey click here or on the image to watch the video of the week.

    I felt truly good. Happy. At peace. As I walked this simple land, again, I marvelled at the luxury of this all. The ultimate luxury.
    Click on the image to watch the video


    I felt truly good. Happy. At peace. As I walked this simple land, again, I marvelled at the luxury of this all. The ultimate luxury.

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                     Keep walking with me,      
                    Nuno Santos Fernandes
               Partner of Walking Mentorship

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