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    30 or 40 years ago, travelling by plane used to be a pleasurable and somewhat refined experience – even if you travelled economy. 


    As soon as you entered the airport, there was a certain aloofness about the whole thing, and you were kind of swooshed through the whole ordeal of going through check-in, security, passport control, baggage check, and finally entering the plane within a limited time.
    It made sense – you were stressed for time, probably rushed to get there and would be subject to checks and probing, so it was natural to make it as smooth as humanly possible.


    Low-cost travel obviously democratised air travel and brought a number of other benefits. But suddenly, the revered passenger of the past started being treated as cattle.
    I know the term is harsh – cattle – but if you experienced air travel recently – especially in post-covid Europe – you know I’m not exaggerating. And even if you go for Business or First Class, you will still have to go through the gauntlet of a modern airport and will be treated like cattle.


    Following one of these terrible experiences of being shoved around airports, one of our fellow facilitators in a program we had last week in the Camino de Santiago mentioned that she had dreamed that she could travel by soap bubble.


    We all laughed, but she kept explaining the benefits of her dream – basically, you would simply blow a huge soap bubble wherever you are, jump into it and fly away to your destiny. As we started imagining it, we could see that you could enjoy the wonderful view along the way, and you could skip the airport and border control and simply burst your bubble when you reached your destination.

    It sounded really like a dream. And also really impossible… or is it?

    Air travel was considered impossible for centuries. Until it wasn’t anymore.
    Phone calls, let alone video calls, were the realm of fiction until they weren’t.
    Not to mention computers, smartphones, the internet, going to the moon or diving into the abyss of the ocean, or self-driven cars or breathable water-proof clothes.


    All of these things, and many more, were impossible when someone dreamt them, and then after some centuries or just a couple of years, they became possible, and now we all use them.


    Of course, I’m not arguing we will actually travel by soap bubble. But this idea can be the inspiration for another revolution in the art of travel. And for now, you can just choose to stay in your bubble of tranquillity while you go through the airports and in the planes ; )


    It is important to pay attention to dreams. Fresh and inspiring, like the soap bubble trip or dark and scary. They might bring us some message that can be essential and help us to change the world. Or just live a better life… which is also changing the world in a very meaningful way.

    So, what are you dreaming of?


    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover was the best we could find to portray a proper soap bubble


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