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    What is most important? The destination or the journey?

    People are the most important. The people we walk with. The people around us. The people impacted by our choices. The people whose choices impact each of us.

    When completing daily tasks, looking after ourselves, taking care of our family, leading a team, contributing to operations or a project, delivering a service, managing a company, and governing a country, the attitude of each of us influences the experience and the result.

    From my perspective, “how”, made of few letters only, is one of the biggest words in the world. What we do, why we do it, with whom, when, and what for are all important questions. The “how” shapes the context and drives behaviours. Behaviours drive satisfaction, growth and performance.

    We have the power.

    We have the power to choose. We have the power to act. This power comes from our self-esteem, self-confidence and self-respect. Having a growth mindset is fundamental to being at the wheel of our own life. We have the power to grow.

    It is true there are many things we do not control. There are, nevertheless, things we can influence, things we can act upon. When we think that we are masters of our destiny within a framework of constraints, we take responsibility and have the courage to act.

    Undoubtedly, constraints are different depending on where we live, where we come from, and the stage of our life. Some constraints are imposed by the context, and others are established in-out by each of us.

    Our values are like fingerprints.

    This picture was taken during a Walking Mentorship program in Rota Teresina and inspired me regarding the marks we leave behind with impact in the future.

    Understanding our values and walking the talk is very powerful. Our values guide us to choose how, deciding when to say yes and when to say no. Our values influence everything we do and leave traces in every action, interaction and decision we undertake. Our values are like fingerprints, and we leave them all over everything we do.

    Are you clear about your core values and behaviour patterns?

    Are you clear about your own constraints and limiting beliefs? Challenging those or looking at them from a different perspective can be a breath of fresh air.
    If you would value being challenged with thought-provoking questions, check our programs and give us a call, it is time to walk.
    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover was taken on Rota Teresiana program


    Take your time to listen to our latest Podcast episodes with Michael Di Paola and walk with us along Serras do Porto and Lines of Torres in our latest Burn(out) Stress programs focused on fighting the stigma around mental health.
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    Via Francigena | Switzerland 26 August – 2 September


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