Last week, was a long week.

I think I will be digesting for a while some of the talks with my fellow walking lawmaker.

So many preconceived ideas, so much to learn and not enough steps.    

After our initial silence, some of the dispersed words turn into sentences. Later, as our shades become bigger the sentences turned into topics central to our days.

I believe nothing is more challenging for a politician than the concept of right or wrong, and in our long and continued talks it was no exception. How far can a person with public responsibility go pursuing a greater good? Where are our limits? Defined by whom?

So much to revise and not enough steps.

And again…when men cannot see the road ahead, nature usually takes over and leads the way.

One day when we were already close to our final destination, the wind decided to shown how inclement creation can be. Without energy to continue our struggle, we end up looking for shelter (just like few days before) under a sea of trees.

The noises above our heads were so strident. All we could do, to be present in the evening show and enjoy the lesson unfolding before our eyes.

Every tree was bending according to its own need in order not to break. Every tree knew that sooner or later the wind would pass and they would go back growing upwards. Every tree was standing tall like an arrow into the sky.

We smiled to each other with complicity and soon we were back on the road towards a warm meal.     

Sometimes, the best way to answer the biggest questions of our life, all we need to do is silence. Today, like many centuries ago, we are equipped with a delicate soul, able to absorb attentively the fascinating journey given over to each one of us.

Stand tall, but bend when you need to.

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