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    Today, while enjoying my morning walk, I faced a curious shape on a tree that inspired me to an interesting reflection I would like to share.

    We are in the second half of July, and I have a feeling that many people fall into one of three possible categories:

    1) Dreaming about vacations and counting the days
    2) On vacations and counting the days
    3) Returned from vacations and counting the days…until the next one.

    Why do you think it is so difficult to appreciate the current moment and fully enjoy life? Maybe the speed at which we are living? Perhaps the amount of distractions we allow ourselves into our days? Or maybe we need someone to be brutally honest and point out the obvious.

    Back to my morning walk, I noticed that the tree that caught my attention was a “picture” of the past. It was already lifeless. Nevertheless, I understood that at a certain point in time, the tree had to make some critical decisions about where to place its efforts to grow.

    Three branches upwards showed the choices that the tree made.  

    And this is what happens to all of us humans. Every day of our lives, we can decide where to put our energy and improve something, whether we are aware of it or not, which reminds me of a story.

    Four years ago, while doing a Walking Mentorship program for parents and kids (I was walking with my youngest son), we were invited to practice listening and questioning techniques for the first days. We have created a shortlist of questions that each participant could use randomly. The first one I chose turned out to be a silver bullet.

    – What annoys you the most? I read out loud.

    Quickly, I shared my findings with my boy and waited for something trivial. It’s easy to fall into a comfortable spot in a conversation. He looked at me and recalled an episode from a few months before. He was trying to ask me something, and I was too busy to answer.

    The straightforwardness of the 10-year-old walking by my side struck me like lightning. It was refreshing to hear someone say what you mean and mean what you say.

    – I don’t like how you answer me when you are stressed with something. It annoys me. He said.

    I had the feeling of an ice bucket being dropped on my head. I was asked to make an important decision and commit to understanding his point of view. In return, I needed to be fully present, which is the ultimate challenge of my (our) life, and my youngest son pointed it out in our first talk.

    After a few long seconds, I could only humble myself and reply honestly.

    – I think you are right. If you were me, what would you answer? I asked.

    A quick reply followed it; it was initially challenging but liberating.

    – It is easy. Tell me you cannot talk now and explain it later. But don’t forget to explain it to me then.

    I carefully placed his words inside my heart. It was not so difficult to do such a thing, I thought. Finally, my boy added one small note.

    – Pay attention to your tone of voice. Your voice is beautiful when you are happy, and I love it!

    In the coming days, I had the opportunity to “practice” a few times the new approach. It was interesting to see us both smiling every time I managed to deliver my intentional reply. It made me feel really good and helped us better understand each other.

    I felt like the story about the three branches. We can always decide where to put our energy and improve something; funny enough, in a week, we will hit the road again for another Parents & Kids program. Four years later, I will walk with my youngest son again, and I wonder, did I learn my lesson?

    What about you? 

    Are you ready to be in the moment and truly listen to yourself and those around you? If you need help, this August, we will cross the Alps and still have one place available, and maybe this time, it is time for you.

    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover was taken on one of this week’s morning walks.

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