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    Last week we were lucky enough to facilitate a week-long program with an amazing team of great professionals and beautiful people. Every morning we gathered on a zoom meeting to kick off the day’s walks. Some people were close to home, others gathered in small groups of 2 or 3, in more than 20 different locations each day.

    All faced the chilly air of the early morning with a smile on their faces. Our Survival Kit had been delivered earlier and now each participant only needed a cellphone and the will to challenge himself – pretty simple! After our Zoom briefings, the participants would walk on their own, and then side by side with another random participant – via a phone call. Again, really simple.

    At WM we truly believe that the most important answers to our essential questions are within ourselves, and we just try to create a safe and creative place to find them. Who would say that we could even do it through technology – by using it the right way! As each participant walked his individual path, both physically and mentally, we got closer to the grand finale – but again, it was truly simple: we brought the team together to a beautiful location a few km from the headquarters, and went for a walk.

    This time focusing on identifying the major challenges of the organization and focusing on the best solutions – all built-in collaboration by the team. As the week and the day drew to the end, we could feel the energy and the emotions bustling with a desire to face the future with intention and determination.

    I feel personally blessed to have shared this journey with each of the participants and look forward to keeping walking with you – always real and simple and that is the beauty of simplicity.

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    We take too many pictures and spend very little time enjoying them. We share a couple of images from our programs that once, in a while, “jump” to our blog.

    Connected through technology – we continue to walk together but with no risk!

    Can we find beauty in chaos?

    The end is always the beginning of something new… and nature always reminds us of this fundamental truth in a beautiful way.


    In these days of turmoil, it is easy to get entangled in all the craziness, fear, and hate. We seem to get pulled by an irresistible force to this vortex of radical positions and blame-shifting that seems to consume all our energy and leave us empty and sad.
    This reminded me of very simple advice from Professor Shane O’Mara – get up and go for a walk. Never mind if it’s just 10’ or if the place is not ideal. If you need, put on your headphones and listen to some music and by all means, stay safe, but just go for a walk.
    Let that simple act be the first step towards the best version of yourself.
    As you gain clarity, you can plan to live your life in a more meaningful and purposeful way – the way you choose.


    If you are ready to take the road less traveled, check the upcoming dates on our website.


    Walking Mentorship is a passion project. A labor of Love that we hope helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact in your life and the ones around you. How can we work together? At WM, we try to keep things simple by offering Individual and Group mentoring programs, see what is the best fit for you.
    Due to the current situation, we also offer fully remote programs, both for individuals and for teams – with the same dynamics and deepness, connected through technology – we continue to walk together but with no risk!

    Keep walking with me,
    Nuno Santos Fernandes
    Partner of Walking Mentorship

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