No one gets out of this life alive

You probably heard it many times,

but just in case here goes a little reminder. No one gets out of this life alive. Since you and me are no exception, maybe it is worth it to allocate few words about what might be the biggest motivator to live fully. Death!

Death is not a hot topic in any social event or party, actually, not even in most private conversations among friends or family.

When you acknowledge someones passing, you might feel sorry, drop a little comment, maybe think respectfully for some time but usually,

life goes on, and indeed it does.

One of my favourite moments in every Walking Mentorship program includes a pause at a churchyard or memorial park. The reason is simple. We can argue about almost everything, we can have a different opinion and contrasting views about politics, sports or religion. But it is very hard to disagree that the end of life on earth is not part of our fate.

When we do this exercise, we become aware of our human condition. It is reassuring and I can tell you that after our little morning talk, we walk and think differently. Death is the most powerful event that shades light into our reality. 

Live fully - This observation puts everything into perspective, and that is also the core objective of the Walking Mentorship methodology.

This observation puts everything into perspective, and that is also the core objective of the Walking Mentorship methodology, besides helping you to live fully.

When you start seeing who you really are. The space to evolve, develop, find or revise your purpose and personality emerges, step by step, unfolding naturally like the road in front of you.

More than being conscious about our finitude, I want to share with you few impressions about our individual responsibility to become the best version of ourselves.

A work of art that is never finish, primarily because of life dynamics, but also as a result of our continued hope for a better way of life.

Developing yourself to become the person you want to be is the biggest challenge of life and no one can do that for you!

Whatever you want to achieve, the first step implicates taking responsibility for yourself, your thoughts and your actions. Once you take this initiative you start understanding better how you think and how to make the necessary changes.

Still reading? Thats good 🙂 It means you really want to live fully !

You probably noticed that we live in a society with many promises and magic solutions for almost every problem or need we might have. We all appreciate dental floss or refrigerators, right?

The question becomes different when the matter in hand is related with your conscience, heart, soul, spirit and life. There are no magic solutions, just a path you might decide to take, or not, because no one will “travel” on your behalf.        

To walk this way, you need to start with two legs, one or even none. The rest is optional. 

Step by step you will create new meanings and reinvent yourself as you go.

How can we do it? 

When you join us in a typical week long program, you are also taking part in a life changing experience.

Either you have an important personal or professional decision to make or you just need to take a break from daily craziness. Walking Mentorship was crafted for you and to help you achieve the best version of yourself, to live fully.


Real goals are objectives for which you agree to make some efforts and endure certain challenges and only an authentic purpose will inspire you to follow your every day intention.

Mentoring support

Mentorship is included at all the stages through which the program participant goes through. You can learn more here.

Live fully - Whatever you decide to do today, you will take in your soul the reflection of Earth resilience.Live fully - This observation puts everything into perspective, and that is also the core objective of the Walking Mentorship methodology.
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