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    Today I had a long and productive day. I had challenges, some breakthroughs, some stress in the traffic rushing from a place to the other, an amazing morning walk by the seaside and truly great feedback from a mentoring session I did a week ago – apparently, it produced some good results for the mentee : )

    I was wrapping up some last tasks on my patio and barely noticed that it had become dark. It was time to close my laptop and join my family in preparing dinner. As I closed my laptop and put it away in the bag, I felt like lingering a moment longer, enjoying the music in my headphones.

    Without thinking I sat back and looked up – and was in aw. Above my head is a beautifully clear and amazing night sky filled with beautiful stars.

    The grandness of the Universe seemed to come down on me while I simply enjoyed the moment of contemplation after a long day of work. I’m lucky to love what I do – I also work very hard to enjoy that luck and have bad days like everyone else.

    But in some brief moments, I can have a glimpse of perfect happiness- and the truth is that the more I walk towards the best version of myself, the more I stumble upon these moments and they replenish my life.

    As I jotted down the draft of this text, the bell of the church down the road rang, a deep and heavy old metal note, and I knew it was time to go take care of dinner. And it will be perfect.


    Our next guest on the podcast – Keep Walking With Me – is Jennifer Walsh. Jennifer is on a mission to get more people outdoors, understand the power of walking in nature, and the impact and importance of green spaces in our offices, homes, hospitals, schools, and cities. Jennifer was the founder of the Beauty Bar and also The Walk with Walsh.​ Jennifer leads Wellness Walks from coast to coast to teach about the healing benefits of nature and the importance of taking time away from tech. She also created a video series to tell stories in a new way ( as in hosting walking interviews ) and drive home the importance of what nature means to all of us in an ever-increasing technological world.  Great insights wrapped with beautiful music.
    You can hear the full podcast here or watch the video on our youtube channel.


    We share a couple of images from the latest programs we are doing in a blended format. Walking on your own but united with your team, using the best possible way the technology, and always in nature. You can find more on our website.


    This week we got very interesting feedback from a participant in a Corporate program. This person has chronic high blood pressure, and even with medication, it doesn’t seem to stabilise at the healthy levels, with daily spikes that go to 160/110 or 170/110.

    To his surprise, and ours, to be fully honest, he reported that in the days he engaged in the Walking Mentorship program his blood pressure was stable at healthy levels of 110/60. He even shared a picture of his measurements.

    The most amazing thing is that we were doing this blended program in 90 minutes slots early in the morning twice a week. The participants just walked out of their door and walked while watching our zoom briefings and sharing their process with other participants. Simple as can be, this approach yields amazing results for the participants that claim to regain control over their lives and gain clarity of purpose.

    We don’t know how much of the benefits resulted from walking, from the mentoring dynamics or from some other unrelated factor.
    But science has shown that walking has several health benefits, so, why don’t you go for a walk? 


    Walking Mentorship is a labour of love that we hope helps you gain deeper insight and equips you to create a meaningful impact in your life and the ones around you. How can we work together?  At WM, we try to keep things simple by offering Individual and Corporate Programs, see what is the best fit for you. Due to the current situation, we also offer fully remote programs, with the same dynamics and deepness, connected through technology – we continue to walk together. 

                Keep walking with me,      
               Nuno Santos Fernandes 
           Partner of Walking Mentorship

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