One of the highlights of Walking Mentorship are the days when we need to start walking very early, when it is still dark and you can listen a very special soundtrack.

First, because those are moments that are not part of our lives anymore. Secondly, because watching dawn unfolding is simultaneously a school and a medicine.  

At daybreak our breath is distinctive. Besides being fresh it is also rejuvenating. Once our legs start moving, our whole body is immersed in an ocean of pure oxygen. No matter what, you always feel deeply alive…mainly because you are. 

In the morning there is an unique light. First it is almost indistinguishable. You don’t see any differences between the firmament and land.

When you look again after few minutes, something already changed.

What changed?

You don’t know yet, but It is obvious that the substance in front of your eyes is being replaced.

Mornings are a free light show our planet gives to humanity everyday without asking anything in return.    

The sonority at sunrise is also different. Nature, wildlife and the wind are as sleepy as you are but they know it is time to start the day, and they start.

Little by little, all movements are followed by crescent melodies.

What we are listening is the soundtrack of our existence and the lyrics invite you to Be.     

And you know what is the most incredible thing? This  “movie” is possible to watch everyday as long as you pay attention and allocate the time to do so.

Few minutes passed and the sun is already up, carrying on its role. Soon everyone will be awake.

Whatever you decide to do today, you will take in your soul the reflection of Earth resilience.

Let the new day spark the inspiration to build an unbreakable perseverance, some kind of silent (r)evolution inside yourself. 

When you go out in the early hours of your journey, you feel that you are part of what is happening, a perpetual renewal of life. 

The miracle of life is just one, life itself!

How do you start your working day?

What is your purpose in doing what you do and how you do it? 

Some things you can only see when there are no distractions around. The Walking Mentorship can make that happen at the moment when you really need it.


Real goals are objectives for which you agree to make some efforts and endure certain challenges and only an authentic purpose will inspire you to follow your every day intention. On the first step you need to envision your dreams and wishes. You will need to make time and focus your attention and efforts. If your purpose is clear, it will motivate you naturally reaching your goal, if not, you probably need to spend some more time working around it.

Mentoring support

As a result of many years of practical mentoring support, we have developed a specific methodology aimed at maximise an effective mentoring assistance. It includes all the stages through which the program participant goes through, starting from the first contact and ending with long term support after the completion of the walking stage of the program. You can learn more here.