Every story has at least two sides. Recently I have become more aware that for every narrative, there is always a long and short version.


The outcome can be similar, but the route to get there is pretty different, depending on the unique connections you manage to make along the way.


When you “live from the inside,” there is always an extended version of the adventure. Every experience, person, detail, sound, or word triggers a whole new sequence of feelings and emotions.


These are realities that only the person that lived can fully understand. Sounds simple, right?


Well, there is a catch here. The difference between a long and a short story seems not to be so much related to the amount of time spent. Instead, it is the quality, conscious, and intensity of the minutes you endure that can print a mark in your heart and the ones around you.


Now, replace the word story with the word life, your life. Does it make a difference? Maybe you want to give yourself some time to figure out the answer or revise the way you are approaching every new morning, conversation, or meeting.


If there is a “secret” in the Walking Mentorship programs, most likely, is the amount of life each participant places inside each minuscule second. Time tends to stretch because we are always living in the present, and the now is usually enough.


Is it easy to do? No, it is not! But living in the future or in the past is not going to help you either.


I share with you a video from the last WM program. I am not sure if it is a short or long version. You decide! But please, pay attention if your days are going away too fast, it might be a sign that it is time to slow down and reconnect with yourself.


Walking Mentorship June 2019


If you need a trustworthy space and a flexible process to help you, the Walking Mentorship can well be an excellent first step.


In the meantime keep walking with me,


João Perre Viana