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    Day 01 – Saint Maurice to Martigny – Something between 15km and 20km 🙂
    Nothing is more difficult than change, but once you start, change becomes easier and easier, like a river that once was blocked and suddenly starts flowing again, skating on a natural course.
    One of the biggest challenges I see on participants in the Walking Mentorship is related with the process of accommodating change into their daily life, specially few weeks or months after the program.
    During one week we break away from routines and focus solely in life, we devote time to think, to make silence, to listen, to discover new things about others and about ourselves, eat well, drink well, sleep like babies and walk…endless walks.
    As a result, our mind becomes clearer, our body becomes fitter and overall we manage to tell our biological clock to tune into “happiness time zone” a destination you don’t need a Visa. After a couple of days, what seemed fuzzy and problematic becomes, step by step, understandable (first) and achievable (secondly).
    By the end of the week, most people are ready and eager to go back home and start working on their new ideas, insights and put them into action. This is exactly the first moment we can fall into the biggest trap of all…we think that change is done, achieved and most likely just a matter of time until the full process is concluded, and it is not.
    The same way we are dynamic beings and never fully complete in our existence, the same goes for change, it is an endless journey, where the maximum we can successfully achieve is the objectives dreamed and planed for each day, because the following morning we have to start from scratch all over again.
    Every time I start a new group of Walking Mentorship it helps me to understand better the power of new beginnings in life and also helps me to focus on what each day can offer to us and receive from us.
    The magic to keep change in our life is to understand that there is no magic, just plain honest work that always starts inside yourself and spreads outwards into the world, everyday, all day long…if you are willing to reborn every morning and accepting that we know so little and have so much more to learn
    Today was very special, shall we raise our stakes tomorrow ?

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