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Our programs help you focus, clear your mind, and gain perspective.

In our Programs, we give you the structure to go through 4 big moments - Slow Down to see where you are, Reconnect with yourself and those around you, Gain Perspective on your desired future and Take Action to start moving in that direction right away.

By Walking in Nature, we take advantage of old knowledge that is being verified by science. Walking is much more than exercise. It is vital for stress reduction, focus, concentration, motivation, memory, and mood. When you walk, you find your own pace to move forward towards the best version of yourself.

Immersive programs

Camino de Santiago - Walking Mentorship
5 places available
9 days from 1850€

Camino de Santiago | Spain

  • 1 October - 9 October 2022
Parents & Kids - Walking Mentorship
1 place available
8 days from 1850€

Parents & Kids | Spain

  • 23 July - 30 July 2022
Rota Teresiana - Walking Mentorship
8 places available
8 days from 1850€

Rota Teresiana | Spain

  • 22 October - 29 October 2022
Costa Vicentina - Walking Mentorship
3 places available
8 days from 1850€

Costa Vicentina | Portugal

  • 14 October - 21 October 2022

Short term programs

Walking Mentorship Oeste
Walking Mentorship Oeste
3 places available
4 days from 700€

Walk in Oeste | Portugal

  • 1 September - 4 September 2022

Need help choosing?

The Introductory session is the opportunity to clarify the Walking Mentorship programs. A set of mentoring formats designed to help individuals and organizations to get through this winter and keep moving forward. Always walking and always in nature.

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