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    In our last article, we talked about the infamous Murphy’s law and how a sequence of apparently adverse events pile up on each other, creating an endless domino effect. One month later, I would like to share with you a new “law” I recently discovered and the impact it has produced on my life. 

    What do you think can be the opposite of a situation where anything that can go wrong will go wrong? Exactly! “Everything that can work will work.” also known as Yhprum´s law.

    Where do you think such a mindset is created? Exactly! It is made inside our minds! 

    One month ago, after that series of unfortunate events, I ended up having a long phone call with my sister, an extraordinary human being. She listened carefully to all my complaints about life in general, and at the end, she asked me why I didn’t try something different. She suggested that I accept what was coming my way, be flexible and move forward.

    It was such a simple and provoking thought but simultaneously so inspiring that it blew up my mind.

    A few days later, I embarked on one of my favourite programs of the year – Parents and Kids – where I had the pleasure of walking with beautiful people, especially with one of my sons who is leaving in a few days for university.

    Throughout the week, I constantly thought about the powerful idea that when facing an unpleasant situation, I could make it better by simply thinking about how I wanted to feel about it. The problem or challenge doesn’t go away, but the idea of not being consumed by stress or frustration sounded exciting to me.

    The program went exceptionally well, and I think we all returned home with memories with our kids that will last forever. You can check for yourself in the video below.


    Click on the image to watch the video

    One week later, I celebrated my 50th anniversary, a pretty good milestone on my journey.

    Nevertheless, I felt slightly frustrated because I wanted to gather my friends but a packed agenda with too many other things happening; I understood it was impossible to do it. Fortunately, I repeated the phone call to my sister and received the same advice to accept what was coming my way, be flexible and move forward. Without much effort, I moved the gathering with friends to the middle of September, and just by doing that, I could feel the power of such an approach to life and even managed to have with me on the birthday a good part of the family.


    A couple of days later, I found myself on the road again, with a signature program, a mentoring experience delivered just between two persons. Despite the wonderful week we lived together, there was a pattern of events coming our way almost every day.

    Let me share with you some examples. On the first day, one bag didn’t arrive with the aeroplane. On the second day, the train schedule switched overnight, requiring a quick change of plans. Still, my favourite was towards the end of the week when we were booked to take a boat in the early morning. The service provider forgot to tell us that they anticipated the departure by 30 minutes, meaning when we arrived, the harbour was pretty empty.

    You might see it as a sequence of events inspired by our old friend Murphy, but they were not. At any moment of the week, I allowed my mind and mood to go away from my core of a peaceful mind, accepting what was coming my way, being flexible and always moving forward.

    What we benefit from these situations (and many others I did not mention here) was extraordinary. What came after the challenges were more pleasant, more suitable to our situation and above all, it was like a teacher gently explaining the way to go (or not to).

    Let me show you some examples:


    Because the train switched schedules, we made a different route by taxi and, consequently, landed at a super cool event named Dance your style by Redbull.

    Click on the image to watch the video


    The hotel on our first night could not guarantee the number of rooms needed, so I was forced to look for different options. Consequently, I discovered a fantastic boutique hotel on the beach on the other side of the bay that I could not even dream about without the initial challenge.

    The day we lost the boat because the service provider forgot to tell us about the change of departure time, we ended up doing the same distance by taxi. The incredible thing is that we had the chance to stop on the way to visit a fantastic Viking settlement and watch the sunrise above the mountains. Funny enough, we arrived at the same time at the destination as the other people coming on the boat.

    The remains of an old Viking Settlement

    But the most important thing was the internal process I was going through, not letting a problem or challenge upset me but instead embracing the process, being flexible and moving forward.

    My conclusion is the following: Every path in life leads us to a bifurcation. Then you need to decide if you want to follow the road called Murphy or the one called Yphrum. The effort is pretty much the same, but the result is totally different.

    I am sure you will have plenty of opportunities to try such a simple but powerful approach in the coming days or weeks. Do you want to give it a try?

    P.S.* The picture on the article’s cover was taken on the morning we lost the boat and gained a beautiful sunrise near the Viking’s settlement.


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