What makes a pencil so special? The other day, while on a meeting someone looked at me a bit surprised when I pulled my paper notebook along with a pencil and a sharpener.

That reaction triggered the reflection I want to share with you today.

I have tried few times in school and in university to have a relationship with pens. Despite all my efforts, it never really worked. 

So, what does make a pencil so special?

1) Once you start using a pencil for the very first time, there is no turning back, it can never return to its original form.

Think about the day we were born.

2) The more we use it the easier is to understand that nothing in life is permanent.

Think about how time and years go by.

3) My favourite pencils are the ones with a little eraser tip. I don’t use them very often, but very often I am happy that I can delete a mistake. Think about our errors.

4) When the pencil becomes so little that it is almost impossible to write. I always think about what produced or highlighted.

Think about the summary of our lifetime.

A pencil is a writing instrument constructed of a narrow, solid pigment.

How solid are we?

The pencil has a protective casing which prevents it from being broken.

But can we avoid being hurt sometimes?

Finally, pencils can leave behind a trail of solid creations

So, If you were a pencil, what trail are you living behind.

Think about it !

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