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    Should I stay or should I go – was probably one of the most famous songs from the English rock band The Clash. Easy to sing along and embed it with a powerful message. Decision making and who decides for you.

    Last week, just by chance (or not), this very same music appeared a few times in my mind while walking in Costa Vicentina – Portugal.

    The reason for that to happen is pretty simple. The route itself poses as many beautiful landscapes as challenges, meaning that you are continually being invited to make decisions or accept what is thrown at you.

    Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.Decision making.
    Walking Mentorship Program in Costa Vicentina

    Let’s start with the elements.

    On our first days, I lost count how many times we dressed and undressed our raincoats. Curiously one of our participants coming from Norway, repeated several times, that there is no bad weather, only bad clothing. She was right and we all had proper apparel, which made the atmospheric conditions much better. I am pleased I put inside my backpack that extra coat. 

    Another test was the simplicity of the exercises in the survival kit.

    You could be tempted to rush on finding the answers and free your brain to enjoy the views. But there was a catch. When you are thinking about your life, it is not so easy to switch off your mind, especially if you are trying to improve the one you have.

    Every time I decided to write down my thoughts, even when I did not have the optimal energy to do so, It paid back with extra clarity and direction.

    Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.
    Capture your thoughts whenever they visit you

    Finally, when I finished the walking part of the day, it feels good to eat and rest.

    After a couple of hours, the body becomes so used to the shape of the bed that it is almost impossible to stand up before dinner time.

    Once when we stayed near Zambujeira do Mar, the weather cleared totally towards the evening, and I knew that 15 minutes away from the hotel, a potentially magnificent sunset was waiting for me. Nevertheless, I was feeling so comfortable that my will to move almost disappeared.

    In good time The Clash played again in my head:

    Should I stay or should I go now?

    If I go, there will be trouble

    And if I stay, it will be double   

    And I went!

    I could not be happier to have done so. I stand by myself in front fo the omnipotent Atlantic Ocean and probably learned a precious lesson. Every minute in your life you are always making choices, even when you believe you are not. Remember:

    Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing – Laurie Buchanan –

    Whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.
    Sunset in Zambujeira do Mar

    Now read it in repeat and think about the different aspects of your life that need a change. Professional life, Relationships, Time management, Finances, Vacation destination. Everything you do (or don’t) carries a choice inside. Be sure you are the one responsible for it.

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