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    Why mentoring matters


    In a mentoring process – or in any other form of personal development – the heavy lifting is always done by the mentee – not the mentor. The mentee is at the centre of the process, it is all about the mentee and his/her life, and all the answers are inside the mentee.


    By taking a simple look at this statement – and I very much doubt any mentor or coach can disagree with it – it seems almost useless to have a mentor.
    If the mentee has all the answers and will have to do all the work, what’s the point of hiring a mentor?


    Well, as with most things that really matter, the devil is in the details, and a mentor can make all the difference.


    By hiring a mentor, you are committing yourself to a process. And your mentor will hold you to that commitment, which by itself is already massive.


    By engaging in a self-development relationship, you will have to reflect and think deeply about your difficulties, your challenges, your weaknesses and your self-limitations. And you will have to communicate this to your mentor, and you will get a reflection of that communication.


    Just this process of organising though through communication and seeing yourself in a blunt mirror will change you inevitably.


    But if your mentoring process is being conducted by a proficient practitioner, you might also get some keys to unlock your potential.


    One of the most common difficulties with changing our lives is being self-disciplined – we know what we need to do, but we keep pushing our “diet” to tomorrow. Usually, the huge changes in your life come from small things you do regularly, small steps you take every day. But as we all know, it is much easier to make big promises than to keep even small changes in practice.
    Humans are brilliant at creating alibis – we always have a compelling excuse for not keeping up with our decisions, and having someone who mirrors back to you and makes you get back on track is immensely powerful if you really want to change.

    Sometimes all you need is that little nudge in the right moment, and you take the first step or get back on the right track.


    I’m a walking mentor – I walk for a living. For many years my action plans always include walking in nature as essential to keep me physically and mentally healthy. And believe me, I walk quite regularly.


    But until we recorded our podcast with Libbi DeLana, I did it randomly or according to my work schedule. When I heard Libby describing how her daily morning walks were essential to her well-being and how she kept doing those walks daily for 11 years, something resonated in me.


    So I decided to start taking a walk every single morning as soon as I woke up. I decided it could be a short walk, as little as 15 or 20 minutes, if that is what I have available, but it would be a fixed routine.


    Since I started, my energy and mood have improved exponentially – even though we are in the dead of winter, and it is always an exercise of self-discipline to get out of bed and walk outside to get the chill down my spine. In the end, I always feel great and ready for my day.


    My point is that if I had not engaged in that conversation with Libby – very much worth listening to in our podcasts – I wouldn’t have had the push to start doing what I knew I should.


    If a single conversation can have this impact on our lives, imagine what a week-long immersive program can do to you… and if you are curious, check the testimonials of others who already did it.


    P.S.* The picture portrayed on the article’s cover was taken on one of my recent morning walks 🙂


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