We bought

We bought into the incredible idea that everything should be faster. A world relentlessly improved with the promise to take us everywhere almost immediately, opening limitless opportunities and granting us with the best possible existence on earth.

Today where I live, in the countryside, I can hear more airplanes passing over our house than cars on the road. Year after year I can clearly see the progress above my head. Faster, cheaper and more efficient.   

I started my professional life working in areas bordering with technology, and I have to say that I spent years hoping that this massive gains of productivity somehow could take me closer to a happier life.

Happier because it would become easier to connect with myself, with a finger snapping it would allow me to live a purposeful life to the fullest.

So, why are so many humans unhappy and troubled? Why our worries and fears continue to lead the way in our local communities? Do we really believe that more walls, more weapons, more surveillance…more of everything will make us happier?       

Think about.

When did you felt closer to yourself? What are the most beautiful experiences you carry in your memory?

Despite the incredible benefits of our modern world, that we all should be very grateful, maybe we are missing something very important. A “technology” we have been learning to master for thousands of years and somehow we are starting to forget how to use it. Walking! yes…walking.

Give it a try, take 20m of your time to feel your feet on the ground. Use this opportunity to do nothing, just be yourself and enjoy what you have and who you are. Simple.

If you want to know what I am talking about, come with me, I’ll take you where the taste of life is green, and help you take a giant little step outside your mind.

Keep walking with me,