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    When I first heard about Walkolution, I must admit I had mixed feelings. Curiosity and disdain walked hand in hand for some time.

    I was interested in learning more about a device that promised to help me work and walk, but also critical to admit that I had to pay for something that I already do daily and, at its core, is always free of charge.

    First, I contacted the inventor of the equipment, the Medical Doctor and Walkolution founder Eric Söhngen. My partner and I had an exciting conversation with Eric where we learned about this manual treadmill desk’s fundamentals. The energy of our conversation dissipated our doubts about the company’s purpose and mission. I could only wish there were more organizations like this one.

    When there is uncertainty, always search for the source.

    Later we talked with the Portuguese representative Pedro Telmo. In a couple of weeks, we were set to start a trial, which means that I have combined my walking mentor’s outdoor activities with a desk treadmill without a motor for a couple of months.

    I am not exactly a good example of sedentarism. On average, I walk around 3.000 km per year. But let me tell you, after the first week walking and working I immediately felt that I was spending too much time sitting.

    After the second week, my body position, arms, and legs were comfortable with the new standing position; I could sense a mindset change, a great feeling.

    My herniated disk usually complains after a couple of hours of pressure against a chair cover. Still, funny enough, it went away, no more pain on my back throughout the all-day and a notable improvement at night while resting in bed.

    At the end of the first month, I noticed an increasing state of awareness and alertness. Because you are standing, there is not much room to start feeling sleepy or drag your feet on tedious tasks. My mental productivity raised more and more by the day.

    I wondered if my excitement was related to the time of the year I was doing this experiment, but honestly, I don’t have a problem walking outside in the rain, wind, and cold, as long as I have proper clothing.

    Nevertheless, when I needed to work on my desktop after being for many hours outside, I felt very comfortable continuing my activities and walking inside the house.

    I have to confess that some of the people on the other side of the screen felt the same curiosity I had initially.

    Such a simple but powerful twist that can do wonders in your life.

    Overall, the Walkolution started being part of my daily routine, making my days more pleasant and creating a good relation with my walks outside. I have to admit that I will miss it, now that the trial is getting close to an end.

    Sitting is the new smoking, and science now clearly shows that sitting has the well-known consequences of back pain and weight gain and dramatically increases the risk of serious diseases.

    If standing or sitting for endless hours is not your thing, the Walkolution workstation combines the best of both worlds and lets you stay in shape effortlessly.

    Don’t forget to check the different solutions for individuals and businesses, such as acquiring just the treadmill or trying out a renting solution. Whatever you decide, consider seriously not to sit again to work.

    Keep walking with us.

          Keep walking with me,      
               João Perre Viana
     Partner of Walking Mentorship

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