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    When I first visit Yellowstone I was expecting to see the consequences of the largest wildfire recorded in the history of the Park, occurred three years before, in 1988. What started as many smaller individual fires, quickly spread out of control burning for several months. A total of 3,213 km2, or 36 percent of the park was affected.

    Media across the world broadcasted that the Yellowstone they knew and loved was gone forever, a disaster impossible to recover.

    When I entered the Park, what I saw there was quite different. The vegetation had adapted to the fire and in some cases showed to be dependent on it, meaning that such trouble created a landscape more diverse in age, more robust, reducing the probability of disease and fire spreading through large areas.

    Did you ever thought what is the role of problems and challenges in your life? Do they block you or they become the trigger to renew your life, resuscitate your energy and refresh your capacity to accommodate change?   

    Yellowstone is not a museum—it is a functioning ecosystem in which fire plays a vital role. What about you? Are you a museum or a living ecosystem? How are you managing the moments of transition in your life? Do you want to improve your current situation ? Time to resurrect yourself?

    Walking Mentorship is an introspective journey combining the physical challenge of walking remarkable routes like the Camino of Santiago or the Via Francigena and a process to help you revise who you are now, where you want to go next an how you will go there.

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